Website Re-design

Tycoon Pacific Software Technologies we believe that website design process begins with discovery - identifying the target audiences for the web site, developing a persona set, conducting usability studies, surveying our clients, and defining the structure of the redesigned site.

Here are a few of the aspects we will evaluate in your existing website, and then suggest you to website redesign:

  • Overall Strategy
  • Functionality
  • Download Time
  • Ease of Navigation
  • Usefulness of Content
  • Overall Graphic Presentation
  • Photo Gallery (if available)
  • Adding/removing pages
  • Contact, Support & feedback level
  • Search Engine Optimization

All of the information we collect during the discovery phase of the project helps our designers focus on your needs and your target audiences. Because our design is judged on whether or not we successfully represent your organization and communicate effectively with your audiences, we see the visual design of the website as our solution to a unique set of circumstances and requirements.

Our staff of professional designers works diligently with you to ensure that they understand exactly what needs to be communicated, how to best represent your organization, and what type of imagery you want to use in the redesigned site.

When we are satisfied that the design are viable, we present them to you for review. We walk you through the design process - explaining the how's and why's of the design. It is also important to note here that we guarantee your satisfaction with the site design. We collaborate with you during this process to ensure that we design the site for you and your users, and we are not finished with the project until you are 100% satisfied.

It's not always too late to start again as fresh. Tycoon Pacific Software Technologies has skilled set of Expert who can redesign already designed website and make it so attractive. Tycoon Pacific Software Technologies will do proper analysis of what was wrong in that earlier design and take a decision depending on the severity of problem. Tycoon Pacific Software Technologies will try to rectify the problem by refreshing it as a totally new one, which start gives your business leads. By doing proper maintenance and keeping update we carefully taking steps not to repeat the mistake once again. Tycoon Pacific Software Technologies will come in hand with you to regain your market position by creating intact Website for you.

We make Redesign for the websites that give:

  • Entirely New Look
  • Maximum Leads
  • Brings More Traffic
  • User-Friendly

It's not wrong what you have designed but not reflecting your principles also needs redesign. Tycoon Pacific Software Technologies will take utmost responsibility to redesign your needs in the form of Website and it always reflects your business principles. Reason for redesigning may be vary from content, design or picture was not appealing to Customers, but Tycoon Pacific Software Technologies make sure that all aspects of website will reflect your honest business principles. It makes your website attractive and gets attention in your business domain. At Tycoon Pacific Software Technologies web development based on theme based and it satisfy your business needs and scale you top over your competitor. Give us the chance: will not let you down by doing the same.

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